Clarity Model


Our clients need more than investment advice–they seek a team of professionals who can address all aspects of their financial lives. Our clients may be tackling complicated family estate issues while simultaneously raising capital for a business venture and saving for a vacation home. Collaborating with investment advisors, accountants, lawyers, and insurance advisors allows us to develop a global and unified plan that simplifies our clients’ complex financial situations. As a result, we empower our clients to clarify their financial goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them.


Clarus works to develop a clear understanding of our clients’ current financial situation, short and long-term financial goals, and how each is inter-related to the other. Through a collaborative process with our clients, we delve into their financial motivators, identify the outside factors that influence their financial decisions and establish financial priorities. Through in-depth meetings with our clients, we ensure that we fully understand our clients’ situation and identify any potential pitfalls or opportunities that may exist.


Once Clarus establishes a clear understanding of our clients’ current financial situation and future priorities, we collaborate with them to develop a customized and evolving strategy to help reach their goals. Together, we develop an individualized Wealth Management Plan (WMP), which is a holistic financial map that encompasses a client’s entire financial life. Our clients’ motivation and goals drive the WMP so that we can prioritize and build solutions addressing a client’s unique needs. Through our comprehensive plan, most of our clients feel that they fully understand their financial and investment management needs for the first time. By empowering our clients, we help them reach financial clarity.


Through our process, Clarus maintains consistent communication with our clients regarding their Wealth Management Plan. This communication is vital to accurately evaluate whether their needs have changed or if strategy adjustments should be made. Ultimately, our clients understand what we are doing, why we are doing it and how it furthers their long-term wealth management goals. Our process makes certain our team continues to track our clients’ progress and keeping them informed of necessary changes as their family, business and financial lives evolve.